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Naturally Green Products, Green Cleaning Products, DEET free No More Bugs

Amy Mandel and Lauren Englander, Co-Owners of Naturally Green Products, along with an organic chemist from Florida, developed a non-toxic, DEET-free blend that is certified as ‘BioPreferred’ by the United States Department of Agriculture.


Their products are safe for use on your skin, your plants, your pets, and in your home!

A message from the Founders:


"We found the research on the effects of toxic chemicals to our bodies and the environment to be astonishing.

Research shows that there are over 700 different types of cancer today. We know that the autism rate has increased from 1 in 2500 to 1 in 500. We learned that umbilical cord blood contains on average over 200 chemicals and pollutants. We know that unintentional ingestion is incredibly harmful, much like second hand smoke. We've learned that some environmental toxins are still found in the air today, despite being banned over 10 years ago.


You told us You are scared for the children.


We heard You. We are too.  


The fact is that wildlife is dying, oil spills are being covered up, and some areas have drinking water that contains high levels of lead and methane gas.


You told us you want to live differently. We do too.


We know that if we wait for "them" to fix it, "they" may never get around to it."

Phone: 800-860-GREEN (4733)

Naturally Green Products
5840 Ulmerton Rd. Ste C
Clearwater, FL. 33760


DUNS #831574871
NAICS #424690
ORCA Registered

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